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*Sarah Kaine*
Welcome! is an (unofficial site) for Sarah Kaine
Born in South Virginia in 1985, Sarah  Kaine  was destined to become a country music superstar. Developing a love for, and taking an unusually deep interest in country music as a very small child, she began to devour and catalog legends and lyrics in her fertile young mind. With a deep respect for the heroes of the heyday of country music, little “Sarah Kaine” was bound to bear fruit in the form of deep-rooted country songs of her own. At the age of four, Sarah Kaine truly believed, and began telling anyone who’d listen, that she would one day be a famous country star. Never losing sight from that moment on, she wrote her first song at the tender age of six; a love song from Barbie to G.I. Joe. Her first visit to The Grand Ole Opry that same year left an overwhelming impression on her, and a desire to take her place on that hallowed stage. In her first public performance at age 8, she won her elementary school talent show, and at 12, was asked to become the lead singer in her uncle’s bluegrass band, which soon became a fixture at area festivals, fairs, and local honky-tonks. Never one to compromise her sense of identity, Sarah Kaine showed up every day for high school “dressed to the nines” in at least a three-inch heel, when most student were in t-shirts and tennis shoes. Possessing a flair for the dramatic, Sarah Kaine took on lead roles in high school and community musicals such as “Grease” and “Bye-Bye Birdie”. After winning the local pageant titles of “Miss Halifax” and “Miss South Boston”, and spending a year as a Virginia State Ambassador, Sarah Kaine garnered valuable experience in front of the camera and in the public eye. At 17, Sarah Kaine, (beating out 196 vocalists from all over Virginia), won the title of “Virginia’s Idol” and was sent to New York City to audition for the sophomore season of Fox’s “American Idol”. With the success of the show’s second season imperative, and not fully convinced that a country singer could transcend the south and reach pop audiences on a mainstream level, producers for the show snubbed the idea of a “country idol”. At 18, Vince Gill, after hearing “Virginia’s Idol” was at his show, invited her onstage to perform a duet with him at Danville, Virginia’s Carrington Pavilion, for which the two received a 2 1/2 minute standing ovation. Just after her 19th birthday, enrolled in college, but knowing her heart was in Music City, Sarah Kaine, packed her belongings and left home alone with a notebook of song lyrics and a trunk full of high heels, headed to Nashville, TN. Soon after arriving, and still a teenager, she was signed as a staff writer for “Lap of Luxury Music”. In July 2007, Sarah Kaine had the honor of opening a show for the legendary Loretta Lynn, where afterwards, both old and young fans, with cameras in-hand, lined up to meet the up-and –comer and get her autograph. Since, two young fans, never having even met her, have created “fansites” due to her presence on “MySpace”. Sarah Kaine possesses the talent to sing, the hunger to entertain, the creativity with which to write great songs, and the ability to handle the spotlight. Bearing a torch passed by a veritable “Who’s Who” of country music legends such as Loretta Lynn, Marty Stuart, Vince Gill, Jeanie Seeley, Mel Tillis, and her beloved Dolly Parton (all of whom have given her their personal endorsement), Sarah Kaine is destined to take the rest of the industry, and the world, by storm

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